söndag 9 maj 2010

scrapbook sunday

i went through my albums the other day and came upon a layout i did a few years ago where i had asked my girl a few of her favorites, you know music, food etc. i thought to myself that it was time to make another one of those "right-now" pages. so, once again i asked her the same questions and she answered. i knew i wanted the journaling to be as in a form that you´d fill out. so i first went on the computer and wrote the title (makemealpha) and the favorite categories (rough typewriter) and printed it out. then i just simply handjournaled her answers. for the photos i wanted a recent photo ofcourse and used danielle thompsons awesome carnvivale photobooth kit and added the same photo to the frames. printed it out and just cut it out. added this and that and...done!

i am not particulary happy with this page and wasn´t sure first if i would share it or not. but then i decided that i would, because i do have pages like that and they still make their place in my albums. they tll the story nontheless. this story is about how no one can be more snuggly and comfortable on the couch as dixon. he is so sweet when he holds that pillow near and just snuggle as it was his teddy or something :)

the title of this page is "lately..." and it is about how lately me and my husband has been even more comfortable with eachother and even more in love even though we celebrate our 10th year of being in love this year. isn´t it funny (and wonderful!) how love works...it does grow stronger each year and it is such an awesome feeling to have to catch my breath sometimes when i see him and feel the love from him...

that is all for me this scrapbook sunday!
and happy mothers day to all of you celebrating today!

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