måndag 3 maj 2010

i was thinking...

from time to time it hits me that i have all these awesome layouts on my shelves. i mean, i always know that they are there because i see the albums everyday. but i am so bad at acctually flipping through them and see what i have kept as memories over the year. this time i was looking for a particular layout because i had a little journaling i wanted to add to the back of the layout. as i was flipping through the books, i found the album that has the layouts from may last year. i stopped and sat down to really look and read. it filled me with the most awesome feeling inside. these 2 below is 2 of the favorites, but there are so many more.

i love dandellions and was so excited when my daughter said ok to a quick photoshoot on our way home from school! i remember that it made me ridiculously happy to play among the flowers :)

i am so happy that i have started to include the fact that i am sick (cronical depression) into my layouts,since that is a big part of my and my families life everyday. this layout tells the story about how i have had some downs, but that my garden has helped me very much. that is still very true!

just wanted to share my thoughts today!

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