fredag 28 maj 2010

maybe this is something for you too?

boot camp

Creativity Boot Camp is a two week intensive e-course designed to take your creativity to the next level. The course will consist of daily creative conditioning exercises to shift your life patterns allowing for a full embracing of your creative selves leading to higher levels of creativity.

Who: You
When: June 6th - June 18th
Where: Right Here
How: You show up here everyday and I provide you with your daily creative insight, motivation, and assignment

Cost: FREE

{only your willingness to participate is required}

Are. You. Ready?

I have designed this e-course for people who wish to take the next step in their creative lives. Whether you need a creative boost, need the motivation to begin that large creative project, or simply wish to lead a more creative life, the exercises provided in this course will help to pave the way for maximum creativity in your life.
text from here.

when i saw this by accident the other day, my comment was just; i am so in!
a boost in my creativity is just what i need right now.
and that the e-course is held by the very lovely and talented miss Maegan just added a special bonus! i have been a fan of her photography for some time. have you seen it?
what do you say, wanna join in???

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