fredag 28 maj 2010

creative blocks

i have been having kind of a creative block lately. i am itching to do something, but then i never get to it. then when i do get to it, i am not feeling very creative. i have done all sorts of things to try to unblock me, i even cleaned of everything from my desk. everything. my husband came into my room and just stopped! haha he was impressed.

so, one of the things was to do nothing. i had a whole week when i didn´t do anything crafty. it was like being on detox for me. i could gather my thoughts, make some lists and plan some mindful crafts i want to do. i had a feeling of uselessness when it came to my crafts lately. you know, i want to try so many things, but when i finished them they were all just laying around and not being used for anything. and as i am trying to get rid of things i really don´t need, it added to my dilemma.

i also organized. i sorted my bits and pieces. did a big donation to the local school with tons of craft supplies that i don´t use anymore. i decided what i wanted to have at hand and boxed the rest. it is always easier to get started with something when i am organized and can find everything.

then i went through my scrapbook albums. that took a while :) i love to do that. i do that to rarely. as i am a fast scrapper, i do my layouts in a bunch and just put them into the albums. i don´t really give myself the time to enjoy them. i am going to make that into a new habit, to flip through my books more often.

and after that i decided to scraplift myself. as i looked through the albums alot of pages stood out and for now i chose this page.

the page is personal to me. it is all about how my body looks after my c-section and pregnancy. i have had a lot of feelings around this and i love that i did a scrapbook layout about it and that it is right in there between the others. i also love the actual lay-out (design) so i challenged myself to lift it in some way.
i am not in love with my result, but it did kind of unplug me from my block.

i on the other hand love the story. the title is what love looks like around here. i listed things like doggie kisses, small notes and hugs, to amuze me when i ask for photos, many i love yous and massages. it was fun to think of small everyday things that we all do in our family to show that we love eachother.

what does love look like at your house?
what do you do when crafting doesn´t come easy?
what crafts are you itching to try?

please share!

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  1. I'm in a dead-end too & like you I am wanting to scrap loads of pictures but I've forgotten where to start!! I've done a couple of mini-books to keep me going which has helped. I think its a good idea to have a clear out of your stash so this weekend I shall be doing just that :)