lördag 8 maj 2010

a little pause before regular posting

a little "getting to know me thing" i found at the copy and paste blog:

Everyone knows that I am creative but you'd never guess that i cannot draw.

I'm proud to admit that I like veggies but my guilty pleasure is chocolate.

I'm inspired by grafitti and it surprises me when people get furious over it.

I'm always trying to be nice to others but I'm never nice to myself...well, almost never.

I've got lots of things but I've always wanted more...

I tried to pierce my nose and it HURT, but was worth it!

If I never hear about war and injustice again it will be to soon.

I didn't go be an au pair when i was younger and now i can regret that.

It's not that I don´t like to travel but I'd really rather stay home.
Doing nothing makes me giddy and then after a while panic.

Someone once told me "i love you" and then i broke up with him :(

I'm happy to say that life is great and even if i do complain a bit i love it very much! 

now, copy the black text and paste to your blog and fill in the blanks! don´t forget to link it here in the comments so i can read it!
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