söndag 16 maj 2010

scrapbook sunday

this is just a photo page, where i wanted to save the photo in my album. i used erica hernandez wonky photo mask which is so much fun! and then i got inspired by the ever so awsesome jennifer johner with the paper strips!

i love this photo! my daughter was in the backseat begging me to take some photos of her making silly faces. i did. but i am most happy that i captured this one of her pure happiness ♥
for the background i used both transperencies and the doilysticker. i think it made for a sophisticated look. the whole thing is straight in real life!

yes, i did finally settle with a design for this layout! i cut the small photos into squares of 6cm. and spaced them in to a grid. the title is cut from a font called "just another font" that i printed onto some kraft paper. to get the2 pages together better i did my journalling on kraft paper aswell. then i added some odds and ends.

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