onsdag 11 september 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 35-36

I didn´t get behind, but as we spend the weekend out of town and I didn´t get to work on the spread as I usually do on Sundays, I thought I´d share two weeks now!

Week 35

I think this was the week when we first felt that chill that comes when summer ends and fall takes over. It´s all ok though, we still have had good temps during the days and lots of sunshine. 
Our new cat (that one day just moved in!) has become very fond of my new love ;) he is his new sidekick where ever he goes!
We got to do a bigger harvest from our tomatoplants. Yay!

Another visit to the sunflower field was needed :)
My daughter is so good at texting me photos whenever she is out and about!
And this was the week she officially turned 14! I haven´t included so many words about it here, but I am planning a scrapbooking layout with more words to go in our regular album. 

Week 36

Signs of fall were even more this week. I love when the leaves change their color and the air is crisp! We can still be outside with no jackets and mostly with just T-shirts. Yay!
We crafted together again, me and my new love. It is so much fun!

Here are the first lists from 30 days of lists. It is working out great to include them right there in the spread for each week. And i love that i could prepare them!

Again I included a photo my daughter texted me. I love doing that! 
We were amazed at how our little bean plant give so much beans! 
The three last pockets are for our weekend. We spend the weekend in Gothenburg visiting the mauzementpark, my mom and lastly we celebrated my nephew´s 8th birthday!
Yes, we both won the starprize and yes, those boxes are full of chocloate :)

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