fredag 28 juni 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 25

Week 25

My first week (of 4) of summer vacation started. I don´t think I have longed for some free time as much as I did this time! 
We started out those first free days with errands to the mainland and unpacking stuff from the move. We did get to pick the first strawberry from the garden and that was a highpoint ;)
The last story on page one is of my daughter that decided to stop riding horses. She has been riding for a few years and the last two she has taken care of a horse as her own. She has taken it very seriously and is very good at it. But she felt that it took away to much time from other things. She wrote a long tearful post on FB about it and I copied that post with the picture that went with it. 

Page two holds stories about how we prepared for and celebrated Midsummer. It is one of Swedens bigger holidays and there are big traditions around it. I got to celebrate with my new loves family and it was wonderful. 
My daughter was with her biological father for the weekend and the pocket down in the left corner holds her photos. 
On Sunday one of my nieces and nephew came to visit with my mom. We were all very excited about this! They stayed for a few days and we all had a blast!

That is week 25 and my spread  for week 26 is mostly done already ;) I needed to get ahead a bit since my photo show is tomorrow and then we leave for a roadtrip on Monday. 

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