onsdag 26 juni 2013

Project Life 2013 | Closing the first album of the year

As of week 25 I start a new album to hold my Project Life spreads. The first album could have hold a week or two more, but I wanted to start a fresh one at week 25 since it is my first week of summer vacation. 

As I looked through my first album of the year I got thinking about what I have saved in there. Here are a few of the things. 

Captured real life | I captured the hard stuff, the real stuff. I am so happy that I still did it, even though life felt upside down.

Documented stuff that made me happy | A fresh haircut, baking, paying bills, happy mail and sunshine.

My daughter´s photos + words | I have been extra careful and mindful about including her this year.

Work stuff | Since I do spend quite some time at work, I have included photos and storiesabout/from work.

A new relationship

Creative stuff | I have documented screenshots of blogposts, my latest pins on Pinterest etc.

School related stuff | Since I am a single parent I have had to deal with all the parent-teacher meetings, homework and other school stuff.

Family related stuff | births, birthdays, milestones and meetings.

My new love´s photos + words | I have also included my new love´s photos and words at times. It is fun to have other voices in the album.

Garden 2013 | I have documented what we have planted, growth both inside and outside. I love going back to see those tiny seedlings that are now big plants in our veggie garden!

And these are just the stories that pop out at me when I go through my album! I love it!

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