torsdag 13 juni 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 23

Week 23

I used the digital version of Blush edition journaling cards for my everyday journaling this week. I don´t always write something for each day, but it´s fun occasionally. 
We had another week of great sommer weather, so we spend most of our time outside. 

We picked our first sallads out of the garden. Yay! I journaled onto my printed photo with a Sharpie. 

We took this photo on the highway driving home from the hospital. My dad had medical problems again and I wanted a subtle way of showing it in my PL album. 

First I had planned to journal onto the 4x6 sized photo, but changed my mind. So instead of printing the photo again in a different size I layed I journaling card ontop of half of it. 

Beans were harvested, magic happened, trampoline sleepovers were had and princess weddings watched all in the few last days of the week ;) Oh, and 2 of my sisters horses had their babies!

I am loving the ability to print two photos on the same card lately! Just print and embellish!


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