måndag 22 april 2013

WCS | Layouts from my blogging week #1

Last week I hosted the Write Click Scrapbook blog. I talked about how Project Life has made me see the "bigger" stories amongst the everyday tiny stories that I have in my PL album. I showed examples of scrapbook pages I have made inspired by those tiny stories. You can go here and see all the posts (just scroll down a bit!), but I thought I´d share the new pages I made here too! Here are 2 of them and I have 2 more blogposts set up to share them all!

 This one was inspired an insert I made telling the story that  me and my new love keep finding natural heartshapes during our walks. 

I have actually been doing this for years and it is so much fun sharing this with him! That of course sparked me to finally making a page about it. 

Gardening is a very big deal for me so it is clear that I will take every opportunity to include stories about that!

I took a photo of my seedlings for PL and wanted to have a scrapbook page to tell the beginning of garden 2013 :)

Have you noticed that you do things (memorykeeping) differently after using PL? Do tell!

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