tisdag 9 april 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 14

Week 14

Actually the three first pockets are all from Monday ;)
The stories this week include; getting my sisters wedding invitation, a handmade gift, bbqìng for the first time this year, sitting outside soaking up the sunshine, friendship and the fact that I love seeing my seeds sprout!

We spent a lovely morning in the stables and the light was glorious! My daughter has spent alot of time with her BFF lately and it makes me superhappy. There is journaling behind the second photo. I took a magical photo one night after a perfect day!

I included one insert this week. It was a 2 pocket page protector. So I used it to hold a couple of more stories. 

I feel like I need to use more words...I´ll see if I can include some longer stories next week. 

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