onsdag 3 april 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 13

I have had some computer issues and couldn´t load my photos until now :(
But here is our week 13!

I wanted to include big photos this week. I have done that in the past and know I love how it looks. Otherwise it was another normal week up until the weekend which had Easter celebration on the schedule. 

I decided to leave my big camera home for the first "big" event ever. My iPhone takes so good pictures so they are more than ok for me to use in our albums. In fact I do that all the time! When I got home, I printed the Instagram photos that I wanted to use in my PL spread and glued 2 together so that I coul just simplly slip them into a pocketed page protector. I then added a little bling. 

Here is just a view from whenn you turn the page. 

I did have some things happen this weekend that I don´t want to share here, but they are in the PL album for sure! 
I took that supercute photo of my tiny nephew, that we all love so much, in the car while we were going to my moms for Easter. 

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