onsdag 17 april 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 15

A day later than normal, I give you week 15.

The stories:
I picked up one of those cool necklaces on etsy and it arrived in the cutest little package. 
My new love wished he could walk in the forest so I took him out on a lovely day. 
I babysat my friends cute kids on tuesday and my daughter  had a great week, so I wanted to write down a few things about that. 
My seedlings are GROWING :)
And I stole (which I do almost every week) a photo from my daughters Instagram ;)

I had a ton of things to do and deadlines to meet last week and that card just said it all: Focus on what matters! 
Thursday night my dad had a stroke and I spend most of the night at his side. He is doing so much better now!
Me and my new love spend the weekend babysitting my nephew at my sisters.
And my daughter, well she spend the weekend at her fathers place...doing "normal things" ;) 
Both her father and his new wife are military :)
I love that her father emailed me that photo and said how proud he was of her for trying it out and she was super proud.

Noted: They took every safety precaution! 

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