söndag 28 april 2013

I have always wanted...

Yesterday marked my 11th wedding anniversary. 
So much has changed since last years celebrations. 
For me the changes have been good. Real good. After the seperation I was devastated. I thought I would die. But soon after I picked myself up and decided to have a new life. And what a life I have had since then! 

Me and my ex should have split years ago. We really should have. We were wrong for eachother, so totally wrong.

I have always wanted a romantic man. A man who would buy me flowers just because. 
I have always wanted a man that wants to snuggle and be outside with me. A man that enjoys a cool summer night in the backyard just holding hands. 
I have always wanted a man that looks at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. A man that would hold me every night. 
I have always wanted a man that enjoys spending time with others, visiting and entertaining. A man that loves my mother and sisters. 
I have always wanted a man that made laugh. A man that is silly and funny and not at all full of himself. 

And even thought I know we are still just starting our relationship, I know that in him I have all of the above. And more. 

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