fredag 1 februari 2013

WCS | February gallery

 Yay! It is February 1st and it is the start of my favorite month; my birthday month :)
The first of the month also means that a brand new gallery is up at WCS! This month we all designed pages with the theme "Conversations".

My daughter and I have had lots and lots of funny and great conversations. These days it´s becoming more and more life questions etc. and I love having such a smart teenager.

But this subject has driven me nearly over the edge! She is a hard core One Direction fan and since a couple of weeks before Christmas, she has included something about the boys, their songs, where they come from etc. in almost EVERY dam* conversation! Yes, thank you I do know that Harrys birthday is February 1st (Happy birthday!) and that Nialls cat has gone missing. OMG!
But she is fun though! And I love that she is hardcore fan!
Now, go over and check out the gallery!

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