onsdag 27 februari 2013

34 things right now...

As I turned 34 this past friday thought I´d make a list about life right now.

1. I feel younger than 34

2. It has been cold and wintery since December

3. I can do (almost) everything myself and I like that

4. I got 2 new exciting offers from within the scrapbooking world

5. I like red nailpolish

6. I am dreaming of new paint and wallpapers

7. I am lovesick

8. We have just been at the dentist 

9. Ettan (one of the cats) is super cuddly

10. I have bought the car

11. We are looking into me taking over the house

12. I get inspired by S´s tidyness

13. My daughter is crazy about One Direction

14. I want to meet my new nephew

15. The electric bill was about 100 dollars

16. I am not comfortable with my weight

17. I feel abit tired

18. I am awaiting a scrapbook kit

19. We are eating pasta

20. I am listening to Passenger

21. I have documented 60 weeks of our lives with Project life

22. We still laugh at Friends

23. We can´t wait until spring

24. I love my iPhone

25. I have sweet friends

26. I wish I was in a sunchair

27. I am planning a date

28. I feel a bit lazy

29. We have 17 kids in my group at work

30. I have issues with finishing things

31. It feels good to have a car again

32. I bought me some spring flowers

33. I feel loved

34. I feel good

A scrapbook page is on it´s way using this list!

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