onsdag 6 februari 2013

Project Life | week 5

Here is my spread for week 5. At the bottom of the post I have listed the products!

I had one insert for this week, but it doesn´t show on the spread photo above.

The stories from page one:

Planning the week + signing the divorce papers.
Happy washi mail (getting some washi love) + the craft of the week from this post.
I went thrifting with my father (as per usual) + my breakfast spot got ready + i journaled abit about how I love that my daughter has a best friend.

The frontpage of the insert holds the story of me being on my own for the first time in my life; paying bills and grocery planning by myself. Yay me!

The back side of the insert holds misc Instagram photos from the week.

Page two:

We had a great big puddle at work and I felt so in love with my job this week + great walks this week with sunshine. 
Melvin was pampered by his favorite people, the neighbours when we had dinner with them + he laid out in the sunshine which he also loves.
The weekend was spend apart; my daughter in Gothenburg with her father and me being home with a loved friend, sunshine, dinners and great conversation.

I blurred a few places for privacy.

I thought that I would list the products that I used this week:

Page one:

Miss Tiina journaling cards
Dayplanner collab kit from The Lilypad
Craft of the week journaling card kit
Everyday eclectic journaling cards Design by Dani

Front side of insert:

InstaLife cards Persnickety Prints

Back side of insert:

Simple Vol. 2 Hello forever

Page two:

Hashtag journaling cards
Simple Vol. 2 Hello forever
Dayplanner collab kit from The Lilypad
Hello Weekend from Becky Higgins

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Great pages! Congrats on the divorce and on doing things on your own - it is quite a feeling. I remember when I was at that stage years ago and how my daughters were SO impressed that I could do things without their dad - lol.