fredag 22 februari 2013

Project Life | week 7

Here is my spread for week 7 finally!
It was finished earlier this week, but I haven´t had time to write the post.

This, ofcourse was the week of Valentines day.

This week I recorded:
A to do list and a impromptu dance party at work.
My nephew joined Facebook and we actually chatted!
I got the leather cuff I ordered from Farmgirl paints and I love it!
The packges I got from the girls in my Favorite things exchange!

Here is the second page without the insert.
The stories here are:
Me looking forward to the rest of my life ;) feeling really good right now!
Watching VAlentines day ofcourse :) and a funny post on Facebook from my daughter.
We made cinnamon buns (mine always turn out dry!)
The shows we watch everyday and apperently this is how we hang out these days; everyone showing things on their phones ;)

I made an insert this week that is more like a minibook really. I wanted it to hold stuff from Valentines day.
I wrote a love list of stuff I love right now.

In the morning I love bombed the bathroom mirror for my daughter to see before school.
I also included my cute boy ;)

Here is a look at 2 more pockets that holds photos of flowers I got and the dinner table all set.

And lastly a look at the last pocket where I used a watercolor card I made to send to people on V-day! And that little pocket on the right has and upside down card in it ;) Ooops!
I had fun embellishing this week! Sometimes I do everything on my computer before printing, but other times I love sitting down with bits and pieces, stamps and stitching.
Have a lovely weekend! I am spending it with my daily celebrating my birthday!

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  1. Tack för all härlig inspiration Lisa!! Älskar alla härliga detaljer!! <3