onsdag 20 februari 2013

Catching up

I wanted to catch up abit about whats going on around here.
We are all doing good. My daughter is still struggling with anxiety and sadness, but we are working hard on getting her better. And one thing that has been helping a whole lot is the person that has come into our lives as a saving angel...

If you follow me on social media you already know that love has found itself into my heart again; fast and hard. He is someone that has been way back in the background all these years just as a relative to neighbours. But it seemed like it was meant to be that we should start talking right after Christmas. And we both felt instant magic. Magic.
He just fits. Fits with me, and my gang as he calls them :)

He is such a funny guy and a bit crazy and we all love that! But the way he has thrilled my daughter is my very favorite. Happy tears have been shed from both him and me as she has expressed her approval ;)

Thank you all for your love and well wishes <3 font="">

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