tisdag 28 augusti 2012

Project Life | week 34

here is week 34.

i need to add journaling to the first photo (i totally forgot!) about the night before first day of junior high school. 
second pocket has the story of the first day of school and out parent teacher talk.
the weather was crazy this week; first gorgeous sunshine and then it rained cats and dogs! but the kids at work had an awesome time playing in the rain!
the fourth photo is one i took while out in the backyard when i felt low and looking for something to sooth my soul.

my daughter had a picnic on sunday so she baked her special muffins :) she did a blog post where she took all these in process photos, so i just stole them from her blog :)
2 new craft publications came out this week and well, that is happiness in my book!
sunday we just puttered around at home and took a walk with the dogs. just a normal sunday at our house.

next week will include a 13th birthday, a trip to the amusement park and a move. fun times.

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  1. Snyggt med pilen på regnkortet och det stämplade på fötterna i gräset kortet!