onsdag 15 augusti 2012

From pin to reality | Chalkboard banner

Here I am with another from pin to reality post! if you are a new reader, this is where i actually use the inspiration i get over at Pinterest and do something :)
i have this posts inspiration in my Crafts folder.

Pinned Image

ok, when i saw these chalkboard banners i thought i´d give it a try. i had some cardboard banners from Maya road in my stash and i used them to paint the black chalkboard paint on.

i also wanted to use this cute yellow fabric i bought at a thriftstore a while ago. i cut strips of the fabric long enough for it to hold the banner. snip, snip!

i think i will use them for my daughters birthday that is coming up on the 31st!

it turned out quite cute, i think!

tip: if you find yourself without any premade banners you can paint, just use a cereal package or something else that is sturdy enough!

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