måndag 20 augusti 2012

Inspiration | books

I have been enjoying Tracey Clarks books Elevate the everyday and Expressive photography . I am saving quotes from the books that just hits my heart when it comes to taking pictures of our lives. 
I was also happy to hear her on the latest Paperclipping roundtable. It was an awesome episode! I was nodding my head the whole time :)

here are a few of the quotes i have from the books (i have only read a few chapters yet!):

"There are certain moments in time when you can feel the intensity of Mother Nature - the weight of her breath and the boom in her voice." 
Stephanie C Roberts (Elevate the everyday)

"The stories of our lives can´t be squeaky clean all the time and neither should our photographs." 
Tracey Clark (Expressive Photography)

"A photographer´s eye is trained to look for the details, however small, that transform an image from a mere snapshot into a treasured keepsake."
Tracey Clark (Expressive photography)

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