måndag 6 augusti 2012

From pin to reality | Clay jewellery

this post is a jewellery one! i am always on the lookout for cool ways to make simple and affordable things to wear.

Salt dough painted silver. Could be great, when properly sealed, as charms and pendants and would feel much nice than plastic versions (fimo etc).

this pin goes to a post that uses salt dough and then is painted with silver paint. i was going to try that way, but then i found some silver colored Fimo clay. 

i used all sorts of paper stamps to make patterns and write letters. 
my daughter made a few too. 

i put everything the oven for a few minutes and then it hardend. 

i played a bit with the different pieces and am happy with the result! Fimo clay is such a fun way to play with clay since it is easy to work with and since it is really durable it is a fun way to let your kids make ornaments and gifts. 

that is is :)

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