torsdag 28 juni 2012

Summer minibook | update #1

here is the official first post of my summer minibook that i have with me on our camper vacation!
if you ever did take a look at that video of mine (!) i mentioned that i love how last summers book is all chunky and worn. and i love that this years book is already have some texture to it!

i started the minibook with a few wishes for my summer and then the first spread is about the last day in school for my daughter. for me summer really starts when schools are out :)

Donna Januzzi send me many cute doilies in her suprise package i got last week and i have used one here. and the "Happiness is..." tag is from Elles studio.

it has rained alot this summer so far and in a try to see the good i caught a rainbow that is really a nice thing coming out of rainy days :)

a few photos from my garden.

photos from the first day of camping.

i thought this photo of my very summery daughter suited with the summer subway art (download here!)

i like the look of journaling around a photo so i tried it out here with words about how we all love thift shops!

i have had that mini paper bag for over 2 years. i knew i wanted to use it somewhere sometime. and the opportunity came now. we were grocery shopping here at the camp and i spotted a kind of candy that i haven´t seen since i was 12 or 13! i put one in my mouth and it all came back to me :) i used a manila tag to journal and put it in the little bag, since when i was a kid we bought candy in those!

i have used rainy days to catch up on my minibook and so far so good. it was never my intention to finish it during our trip. the little supplies i have with me have been good so far also. i haven´t missed anything but a stapler, so i went into town and bought one today :)

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  1. I'm working on a summer Smash Book. I did one last year in a sketch journal, but splurged this year & bought the Smash Book.
    I've been using some of your downloads & Monika's too!
    Happy vacation!