måndag 4 juni 2012

Magic Monday

these photos were actually taken a few weekends ago, but i wanted to include them in todays magic monday post.
my husband has been on sick leave from work for a long time since his seizure problems late last summer and from his accident before that. by this past autumn he was going insane just staying at home all the time, so he took up fishing. he loves it and i am so happy that he has found something that soothes him and where he can fuel his energy. a few weekends ago we decided i would go with him. 

it was pure magic all the way!

we left home early and came to the place just as the sun was rising and everything was so quiet and calm. we spend the whole day in our small boat just fishing, talking or not talking, just taking in everything. he turned to me and said; this is my sanctuary. do you see why? oh yes, i saw and felt why.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That is a beautiful place (judging from your photos!)

  2. It is a very magical place indeed!
    I used to go fishing with my dad when I was a little girl - we would talk, or not talk, I would play with his tackle box & then he would breathe a big sigh of relief when I would finally fall asleep in the bottom of the boat.
    Love this series of shots!