lördag 16 juni 2012

From pin to reality | Melted beads



these beads are so cute i think! they are melted ironing beads / hama beads / Perler beads / fuse beads / pegboard beads. i used red, yellow, orange, purple and black beads and put them on a baking sheet with a baking paper and just popped them into the oven that was pre heated to 200 degrees celcius. i watched it carefully because i was so curious about how long it would take for them to melt :) it took like 1-1.5 minutes. some of the beads took longer than others. 

i noticed that some of the beads got smaller holes after baking. i guess that could depend on the brand and the hole size from start, but maybe also the baking time.

i love that the beads are different sizes!
now maybe you ask, why melt the beads. well, i think this would be fun to do with your older children and they´ll get a set of very cool a different beads. me? i liked doing it all by myself :)

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