söndag 10 juni 2012

Summer minibook | Q & A

i had so many nice comments on my blog post on WCS about my summer minibook i blushed! 
i did also get a question that you, my blog readers, missed. so here is it.

buckey@wildblue.net said...
Lisa, do you have all your pages ready and then bind them or is your book already a binded?
and just at a guess how many pages total do you have.?
loved your video and don't know how I got to the page but will watch it again. It is filled with lots of wonderful ideas. thanks for sharing

As far as my mini; the binding i use can be re-opened so i am sure i will change around
the space where certain pages are now. and as you could see in the video the pages 
are not prepared in any way really, just plain papers that i will work on later. i haven´t
counted my pages (and they will be more or less depending on how much i want to
work in it) but say i have about 15 or 20 pages now.

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