måndag 25 juni 2012

From pin to reality | Hollowed out log

Hollowed out log for annual color....so gorgeous. I love this sooo much!


i love how that hollowed out log looks with all those flowers! now, i didn´t have that big of a log laying around, but i did have some chopped up ones :)

i took one of our older logs that we usually chop up and use to heat our house with during winter. as it had been in our backyard for a year or so the inside of the log was a bit soft and flaky. that meant that it was fairly easy to hollow out. 
this was back in april so my garden had not bloomed yet (i will have to show you a photo of it now!) so i planted a few spring flowers in it. this is right by my front door where i also have another log as a little table between to chairs. i know that it doesn´t look at all as colorful as the original photo, but it gave a little umph to my front steps after a long grey winter!

i have this in my great ideas board!

edited: i found this instagram photo of the plants that are behind the log now! i will have to take another photo with the log when i get home from vacation!

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