tisdag 27 mars 2012


i know i just went away for a bit there :)

my mother in law turned 65 this past friday and we went there to celebrate with my husbands family. we had a lovely time! 

she is such a cutie!

we ate at this great turkish resturant and the food was amazing!
i pondered if i should lick the plate :)

we just barely got to see my sisters kids and we spend most of that time outside in the awesome weather!

on firday i had meetings in the city and i had planned to take the bus, but ended up taking a lovely walk instead. i loved it! i walk alot here on the island, but to walk somewhere else is just exciting. it was around 8 am and the city was waking up, the traffic wasn´t that bad, the sun was shining and there were alot of other people out doing their exercise. i was so happy that i had my phone with me so i could snap a few photos along the way. 

it was amazing.

on sunday we all took a long lovely forest walk with all our dogs ♥

this week has begun in a slow pace, which i love. my husband stayed at his parents a few extra nights and i have just been to work and then home to work on things around the house. the weather has been amazing and we have spend as much time as possible outside. 

this week i am also working on small creative projects. i will have a post for you with my wips (work in progress´) tomorrow.

until then.

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