tisdag 6 mars 2012

From pin to reality ~ 2 projects!

during my week of fever i stayed in bed alot watching daytime tv, parenthood, the ellen show, the real housewifes of where ever...
and well i get bored easily especially if i don´t have something crafty at hand. so, i completed these two really easy crafts that i saw on pinterest. 

Tangle-Free Earbuds -- sure hope this works!  :o)

i know! it is maybe not the most useful craft, but they do stay untangled better now :) i already knew how to tie it, but i did find this instruction if you want to try it out. it is truly super easy and you can use so many colors. 

Waldorf window star

i did one of these a few years ago and needed the instructions again. 

i wanted something colorful, so i choose a rainbow of colors. 
i could do a whole step by step, but the pin link goes to a wonderful tutorial that i think you should check out!

it looks amazing in the sunshine!

both these projects are great ones to do with your child. i´d say that they fit for kids from 6 or 7. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. so...you're telling me that in your fever induced state, you still managed to be creatively crafty? ugh, you make me sick {in a good way!}.

  2. lisa, i love these so very much! i want one right now!