söndag 11 mars 2012

Project Life | week 10

my week 10 was planned after i saw this free printable. ofcourse it is from Crystal Wilkerson, she is the best! when i saw this i decided to use the weekdays printable to journal a little every day this week. that meant that i needed an insert. it ended with an entire extra spread :)

this here is the first page of the extra page protector. 
journaling monday to wednesday and a sweet note from Liz Eaton in my package from her.

and this is the back side of the extra page protector. i still have to finish journaling about sunday.
the photos are from wednesday when i wanted to save a few hours of my day. 

here is the first page. a few digital cards as i mentioned last week
i also added images from our favorite TV shows right now. Grey´s Anatomy and Parenthood are mine. 

underneath are my husbands NCIS and Law and Order.

since i usually have one spread and then smaller inserts it is fairly easy to see where one week begins and the other starts. now i have another spread i wanted to add something that showed that these pages belong together. so i added a little label with the date on which the week started and another on the last page with the date on which the week ends. 

i wanted to add the story about the Kony 2012 

Campaign that was one almost everyones lips this week. i am pro this but i my journaling was a bit personal so i blurred it a bit. 

we have had lovely spring weather for weeks now and then on thursday we woke up to snow. bleh! i took a photo out the window and then added a digital overlay from Design Editor .
and you see the date label on this image too. 

here is the second page in full. 
and that was my 10th week of project life!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for the free download- I'll be making good use of these!
    Also --- I need help sometime figure out how to add the tape to my photos like you do in so many of yours.

  2. First....LOVE the new banner. :) :)
    I need you to make me one!!!
    Second, your PL is so awesome. I love all the current cultural bits (kony/tv, etc) I LOVE parenthood. It's my favorite show on TV!