måndag 12 mars 2012

Magic Monday

once again the magic is about weather. i think its jinx-free to say that spring is here! 
the birds are busy singing and making nests for new babies. 
a few tulip leaves have broken through the moist dirt in my flowerbeds. snowdrops and crocuses paint the greyish grass a little happier.

i can sit outside in a t-shirt and feel the soft breeze against my skin, that promptly gets warmed by the warm sun.
our cats want to be outside more and we can follow their short hunts for a stray fly or mouse through the window. the front door is kept open so the freedom of roaming in and out are up to the cats entirely.
the scent of spring is in the air. you know the parfume that is a mix of dirt, water and manure. the scent of something coming, something new. 

magic. magic i say.

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