tisdag 20 mars 2012

Scrapbooking week: day 1

i had some time to do some actual scrapbooking pages this weekend! wohoo! and i thought that i will fill the blog with them this week.

this is a page about our oldest cat. he is like the lion king around here :)
i printed the different shades of chevron paper from Erica Hernandez  (this must be one of the most used paper kits i have ever bought!). 

i inked the edges and roughed them up and then layered the papers.

and then i added the black splashes of color. i tend to always do this step last...this far i haven´t had any mishaps, but maybe i should start with it?! either way, i cover up the part i don´t want to get any paint on and splash away!

that is my layout share for today, i´ll be back all week with new layouts each day!


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  1. I also tend to add the paint last! Not sure why. I think I don't think of it till the end.