tisdag 21 juni 2011

summer minibook ~ an update

i thought i´d show a little update on my summer minibook. 
i have been adding a little bit here and there.

i added one of the lists from Kelly Purkeys list class on bigpictureclasses.com i bought and a photo of the blue sky from that day. 

i wanted to use these photos i took during one of the thunderstorms we had in the start of june. 

i have added a few of these pre-printed lists into the book. i think it was ali edwards that showed this on her blog a few years ago and i have used it several times before

i got the summer printable from here. and added a few happy-summer photos to the left.

i wanted to include the layouts that i shared on the Write Click Scrapbook blog yesterday

there you have it, a little update on the summer minibook!

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