måndag 20 juni 2011

scrap with your tweenie ~ i am on WCS today!

you know that the Write Click Scrapbook ladies take turns all summer long to do daily posts, right? well, we do and that means that you can see your favorite write click scrapbooker more than once, yay! today it´s my turn! go read my post on scrapbooking with your tweenie and then come back and read the rest of this post! 

i wanted to show you a few more layouts where my daughter and i have collaborated through the years that i have been scrapbooking. 
this one is an older version of the favorites page i shared on the wcs blog today. i love love love that i have her 8 year old handwriting saved!

this is just a page where i have included a drawing by my daughter. actually i have used her original drawing as my background paper. 

on this page i have saved a copy of the notebook in which me and my daughter wrote to each other during a boring ferryride. my journaling on this layout reads: now we can always remember that day that we wrote to each other on the ferry. it was you who started writing and it was so fun that you wanted to!

on mothers day 2008 i asked my daughter to answer some questions about me. like; my mom likes, my mom do, my mom is good at etc.

ok, that´s all folks! i hope that you enjoyed both of these posts!  

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  1. Oh, I love them all! This is the best idea. I definitely need to involve my girlie in my pages, since they're all about her :-)