lördag 4 juni 2011

full of life

today i am shooting my first wedding for the season and the weather is perfect! but i did some layouts yesterday that i wanted to share with you! 

i started out with the green patterned paper background for this. then i added the happy masking tape to the right side, but it came out all crocked so i wanted to pick the tape of...not a good idea because the pattern got ripped...hm....i thought why not? so i used the tape to add the chipped paint effect to more areas of the paper :) 
when i looked at it, my mind picked out this blog post from kelly rae roberts where she shows her babys room. if you look carefully you´ll see that the wallpaper it ripped/chipped...tada! 

first up, yes i will use those photos forever thank you very much :) 
i love this photo of my daughter and it represent her so very much as she is so full of life. i acctually busted out my creative sissors for this  :) and used my new layered Elle studio stuff here.

i will be back again today with another post! 

ps. the 52 photos giveaway will remain open until sunday June 5th so get your square themed photos in the flickr group

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