lördag 2 april 2011

perfectly imperfect ~ April WCS gallery

the theme for April at the Write Click Scrapbook gallery was not so stellar photos. and if you haven´t  read the post that went with the gallery you should, because it is both hilarous and true. 

I love to have my camera out for candid photos, but at times I want to have a specific motive. With 2 dogs it is not always easy to have the perfect picture, but the fun is in the trying, right?! At this specific shoot, I took a dozen photos and I decided on 4 of which I made this mosaic.

While doing this and actually ever since I took the photos I have been saying Tim Gunn´s mantra, "Make it work!" to myself and that is why I stamped it at the top there!

now, go print a not so perfect photo to go with you very perfect memory and scrapbook it :)

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