lördag 16 april 2011

it is scraplift saturday!

i stumble across so many wonderful scrapbooking layouts every week while i roam the internet. today i thought i´d share a few of my recent favorites, telling you why i love them and then attempt to scraplift/draw inspiration from them. sounds good? cool, let´s go!

layout number 1 by Jen Jockish: sweetheart
what i love: the fact that Jen let the patterned paper blocks take up half of the page. and i like that she chose to have the photos in black and white. 

my take:

layout number 2 by Kim Morgan: family
what i love: that the page is about the photo! sometimes i like to just save a photo with not so many words. 

my take:

note: this is an older layout from may 2010.

layout number 4 by Melanie Louette: sweet spring
what i love: the collage of photos is yummy! i like that Melanie used part of her 4th photo as her journaling spot.

my take:

layout number 5 by nichole duenke: 34 weeks
what i love: i think i love the simple umpfh that Nichole created with the tape strips and just adding a few butterflies. the photo sizes are cool too. and Nicholes handwriting is always so good!

my take:

layout number 6 by Jenni Hufford: us at one
what i love: i love the layering on this layout! i don´t layer as much as i should! i also love that Jenni ripped the back patterned paper and sewed it down. the title on the photo is cool too. 

my take: 

well, that is it. i hope that you enjoyed todays post as much as i enjoyed scrapping these :) 

3 kommentarer:

  1. awesome! i need to scraplift more!!

  2. an inspiring post that made me smile. not a thing wrong with lifting, it's a compliment to the designer. and think, now you have that many more stories told!

  3. Underbara layouter - både dina och de du inspirerats av!