söndag 24 april 2011

not as planned, but still scrapbooking

i know i promised a hybrid process post today, but we worked in the garden all day yesterday and i didn´t get the time. so i´ll just throw these in for good measure! 

my neice A gave me this cute drawing when i met her last time. childrens art makes me happy! 
the drawing is going in a seperate page protector as a part of a double pager with this one below.

the banner is printed from one of crystal wilkersons digital kits. 

can i just say how much i love the fact that my daughter is computer savvy! i was going through my photos to find a few good ones of each of the pets. then i suddenly see this mosaic in a folder. tada! my daughter made it using bighugelabs.com :) 
i wanted to do a page about how good of a gang we have at the moment! 

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