lördag 24 april 2010

scrapbook saturday - sharing

So, as i told you in my last post i have some new goodies to play with! yay! actually i did some paper + glue playing like 1 hour after the package arrived :)

i amazed myself with this one. i almost never use the color blue in my layouts. it is not that i don´t like the color, becuase i do and i can´t really say why i tend to walk away from it when i create. anyhow, i am loving how this turned out though!
the layout is about selfconfidence and the fact that it just hit me the other week that i always say i have such a low selfconfidence, and really i don´t. i am confident in so many ways and let me tell you how much of a burden has been lifted from my shoulders since i realized that!

i busted out my sewing machine for this one! i punched some circles from a few of the yummy papers i got. i first just sanded the edges and atached them to the patterned paper background, but then i just thought it needed something more. so a few stitches it was!
the story behind this page is that dixon tend to just pop into photos suddenly :) do you remember this? :) this time i was getting the camera ready for some self portraits and i guess he was curious about what i was doing :)

we has some serious snow this past winter and after tons of reports on roofs collapsing we decided to clear our roof from snow. we have never had to worry about this before, so it was an adventure :)
again with the blue! :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. UNDERBARA layouter. Jag tycker att du har en sån härlig scrapstil Lisa. Å jag blir jätteglad att se att grejerna kommer till användning.
    Kram Mya

  2. Gorgeous layouts. I love those punched, stitched circles