fredag 2 april 2010

project: spring wreath

i thrifted this pre-made willowtree wreath at a second hand shop for like 1 dollar. i wanted to hot it up a bit! i wrapped green yarn around the wreath making a little bit like a lawn :) then i had these fabric cherry blossoms that i chopped of. i almost took out the hot-glue gun to attach it, but i ended up sewing a few stitches around the stem with the same yarn. when i was done, i thought that it needed something more...i then remembered i had a few pearls laying around. i stitched them to the yarn too.

this wreath is making it´s way to my mother in law tomorrow! i love that i am blessed with an eye that sees beyond an ordinary willowtree wreath at the bottom of a bin in a thriftshop :)

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