onsdag 7 april 2010

a little hello and a freak out :)

we are having a good vacation down here in budapest. it is fun to visit a country that i have been to so many times before as a child, but never before as an adult. the weather could have been a little bit better, but today was gorgeous! we are real tourists wandering the streets and taking photos. no one misses us as we are 9 people and there is always at least one fussy kid among us :) me and my daughter did some shopping today and as we love shopping we are extra happy today :) we did walk down the famous vaci utca but only bought a souvenir since it is an expensive street to shop at :) since we do have 4 kids with us , we do spend quite some time down in the park so that they can play. there is a very nice playground just where we live!

in other news...

i just about freaked out down here in budapest, when i checked my bloglines and ez had picked one of my photos in the inspriation daily feature!!!
i love that these things happen now and then and that i can have a smile on my face all day just because of it!

what made you smile today?

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