söndag 25 april 2010

photos from the weekend

this poor one got down with the stomach flu during the night to saturday. i felt so sorry for her because she was sooo sick. the weather was nice though, so she layed outside sleeping most of the day. she is so much better today and now i am just waiting to get it myself, since i always do!

while she was sleeping i did some major gardening! yay! i am so happy it is that season again.


it doesn´t quite show in this photo, but the cat came with a mouse he had...well killed. i guess that was his way of cherring her up :)

these are the flowers that makes me happy when i see them in the livingroom :)

this one was out playing all night between saturday and sunday, so she has been asleep all day :) lucky cat!

she got some company ;)

how was your weekend?

3 kommentarer:

  1. beautiful photos, especially g=the flower ones and the cute dog/cat one!! What a cute dog :)

  2. presents from your cat ..... you are honoured!!
    Looks like a lovely relaxed weekend for you ... & your daughter has my sympathies as I also had a poorly tummy Fri/Saturday :(

  3. hihi så sött när vovven och kissen sover tillsammans :)
    min helg har varit produktiv! å det är ju alltid skönt!