tisdag 27 maj 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 19

Story: This week started with a migraine that made me stay home from work. When I felt a little better I took out my watercolors and did a super simple sketch of how we planned the vegetable garden. I am certainly no expert but I think it is fun to include stuff I played with. 

Story: The rest of the week we prepared for my daughters confirmation that took place on Saturday. 

Stuff: I have both journaled onto a photo and on a tag this week. I am super comfortable blending different ways of journaling on the same spread.

Stuff: Since I have already done some journaling about the actual confirmation I simply added photos of my daughter from that day and some simple embellishments from Simple Stories. 

Story: Sunday we were all so tired from the festivities the day before, so we had a big old lazy fest! 

Stuff: No need for photos all the time! I added chipboard letters to a transperency and called it done.

Note: My album is getting really thick so I am thinking I might have to start a new one. Last year I made it to week 25 before the album got full! 

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