tisdag 20 maj 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 17

I am sharing my spread for week 17 today! I am all up to date in my album, but just haven´t shared all the weeks here yet.

For one of the themes in My details class I did journaling cards for the books I have read this year. Since I listen to audiobooks a lot there were quite a few! I love adding these kinds of things to a PL spread. 

Me and my daughter looked for ideas to use for her confirmation party a few weeks away. I printed a few photos from our Party board on Pinterest and added to a blank 4*6 card and also added washi tape and the patterned papers we would use. A mini moodboard really. 

Another theme for the class I mentioned was technology we use right now. I took a screen shot of my iPhone´s emojis and printed the ones I have used the most recently. Also a fun thing to add!

I will come back soon with a post about how that party decor came out!

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