torsdag 22 maj 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 18

Week 18 was a very ordinary week in my life. Other than the fact that me and my daughter had one of our monthly dates.  We went to a movie and it turned out we were almost the only ones :) It was a very warm afternoon on a Tuesday, so... But it was fun! We went for a little shopping too and we both love that! I took a photo of her sitting all alone in the theater and put that in a flip pocket. Underneath are some facts about the movie and the tickets.

I filled out at Currently card this week and added it in. I love them! During the weekend we had great weather and my sister and her family came for a visit.
During the week I had one of those magical days at work when there was this flow to everything.

So I made a card just for that where I talk about why I chose to be a teacher. I printed that Yes on transperency and added it to a patterned paper.

I also took the best photo ever of my nephew :) All in all a great ordinary week!

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