tisdag 25 februari 2014

Super easy baby gift using a...

My nephew turned one last week and I anted to make a gift for him that he could use every day. I had this plain photo album with pockets for 2 4x6" photos on each page. I made the cover using a sheet of papperned paper. Previous to this I had taken of the cover to the album, so that the whole thing was just the pockets. 

I then went to my photo archives and found good headshot photos of our family (his grandmothers, cousins and others). Just printed them out and slipped them in the pockets.

Ok, so the very last thing I did so that he could indeed use it without ruining it was to sew a straight stitch with my sewing machine along the border of each side. This will prevent the photos sliding out, but also water or drool from coming in :)

Super easy and usable baby gift!

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