fredag 21 februari 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 7

Week 7 and I am officially caught up sharing my PL weeks!

This week I am participating in the February challenge at CiLi in  Papers Blog: Write or stamp ON your pictures. i do this on a regular basis, but decided to make a little more effort in recording how I thought about it this week. I decided to have mostly larger photos on my spread this week. This makes it a little bit easier to do either/or journaling and stamping right on your photos. 

I had this photo of me holding my coffee cup and knew that it was ideal to use either for the "white" space on the right or, as I ended up doing, in and around the cup. I think it makes a fun and different feel when you journal not in just straight lines. And to use a round circle stamp in the cup is just right. I also added a stamped banner from the February Studio AE set and some thin chipboard letters. I practically used my photo as a whole layout really and that is how I think about each pocket in my PL album. 

The other photo I stamped on this week is this one of my daughter´s and my feet while out walking. I knew that i wanted to stamp right there inbetween our feet and think it turned out great. I added the geotag wood veneer as we were out and about. 

This was the week of Valentine´s day and my sister sent me these adorable photos of her baby boy :) I knew that they had to go in the album! The upper part of what you see above is actually part of an insert. See more a bit lower in this post. 
We had breakfast out on Saturday at the Inn on the island which is a fantastic house! And the swedish skiing teams both won gold medals in the Olympic relay´s that weekend! 

Here you see that it is an extra insert.

This (above) is a look at how the back side looks. I made the decision to not have the insert all be about Valentine´s day. Rather the backside and the upper two pockets of the regular page (if I make any sense) for a more cohesieve look.

I have gone to using small tags and either handwriting or journaling on my typewriter. I like the look and it makes for an easy embellishment too!

Ah, yes now I am all caught up sharing my PL spreads with you! See you soon with week 8!

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  1. Lovely pages, I love the little cross-stitch.

    Och guld igen - that looks so Scottish, I understood right away although of course I speak not a word of Swedish! My Grandmother could remember when the fishermen from Yorkshire, who were descended from the Vikings and spoke a strong dialect, could make themselves understood when talking to Scandinavian fishermen :-)

  2. Very nice pages, I should get busy!