tisdag 18 februari 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 6

Here is week 6 in my PL album! I have not shared in a few weeks, but I have been making and finishing the spreads on Sunday´s as usual. I will be sharing them all in the days to come.

This week I didn´t have that many photos. But the photos I did have were some I adore. One day we had a parent/teacher conference and I secretly snapped a photo during the meeting. I knew I wanted to have one! I used the full 4x6 photo and journaled directly on there. i also used some stamping. My daughter also had what we thought was a really important dentist visit. So I snapped a photo, but the visit ended up just being a viewing and a new visit in a year. I used the photo to journaled our confused thoughts. 
Our oldest cat left some months ago and suddenly started to come home again this week, and obviously we are thrilled! 

The Olympics in Sochi started on Friday and I took a photo as the Swedish team walked out. I also printed the Google logo from that day as I thought it said alot about all the buzz around these Olympics. Under that print, I have journaled a bit about stories around how it has been controversies and protests around this.
I also added some hidden journaling on this page. Under that last flower photo I wrote about how we had a rough Sunday. This is not exactly something I want to share with everyone going through my album, but still wanted it in there. I really want our album to reflect our life, and with that come both highs and lows.

So there you have it, week 6!

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